Do you ever have dreams that are so real but not at the same time, and you wake up really angry?  That was my dream this morning.

It was a dream you have sometimes when you wake up early and decide it’s not time to get up and yet and fall back asleep.

Well, it was awful and about poor DH which means I woke up mad at him.  Totally not fair, I know, but it is what it is.

When I went downstairs, he was coming up from the lower level and started talking to me and I was like, ✋ “hold on”, I need to warn you. Lol

Poor guy.  This hasn’t happened in quite a while but he was patient with me and listened and waited to talk to me about the usual stuff till I was ready. 

Why do we have dreams like this?  They aren’t even a little bit helpful.  They don’t really have any purpose as far as I can tell. 

I’ve been feeling really great in my relationship with DH, few insecurities, so this dream makes no sense.

I guess not all dreams have meaning but… Ick (shivers) it made for a yucky way to wake up this morning.

But I’ve moved on, thankfully, there was a time in my life this would have stayed with me all day!  DH and I had a nice visit and then I fixed him a yummy breakfast and sent him on his way.  

Then I got to my yoga.  I’m working on making it more regular again.  That’s only twice this week but it’s more than last week!  Baby steps.

I’m really working to make my health a priority. Why it isn’t always a priority, I have no idea but again, baby steps.

We’ve been cooking delicious meals this week full of veggies and lean proteins and grains and honestly, I’ve felt pretty good!  It is amazing the difference veggies can make in the way we feel. 

It warmed up earlier in the week and so Sidney and I were walking and it was really nice to get back at it.  It actually started with walking with a friend on Sunday which I enjoyed immensely. I need much more of that in my life! 

But of course, it’s turned cold again… I need to make better use of the treadmill on those cold days.  I definitely sleep better when I’m active.

Why is it we know all this and yet, it seems so hard to do?  I guess I’m just lazy, well, I have been in the past, but I’m doing better and I hope to keep this up!  

I am putting my health first and this week has been a great start to that.  I’m not always getting it perfect but it’s definitely better than it was a week ago and that works for me!  I’m not looking for perfection, I’m looking for balance.

Balance is the goal and should be in everything. Yin and Yang. That the way to health and it’s where I’m headed! 

I’ve got this!

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