There’s always something…

Oh good grief… why is it, every time I decide to really start using my budget again, or I plan my day of things I need get done, something always happens to throw one or both off. 

Sometimes, I just wonder why even bother.  Lol

Not really, things happen.  It’s just part of life but it is funny that that this is when stuff happens.  Though, it’s probably just that I notice it more because I did have other things planned. 

My local sweet granddog got hurt this morning and we had to take him to the vet.  He is small but, as they say, mighty, and rather cranky when it comes to strangers or things he doesn’t like and he doesn’t like strangers or vets. 

He did really good but it was rough on DD and me too.  She had to go to work, so after he was all fixed up, I brought him home with me but our little Sidney, doesn’t understand why his buddy won’t play with him and why he got a ‘special’ peanut butter treat.  He too got a peanut butter treat but… it didn’t seem as ‘special’… no medicine hidden in it.  Lol

So far it has been quite the experience… I was only trying to take Sidney out but Shadow wanted to go out too so I had to put a little bag on his foot to keep the bandage clean… he ran out chasing a squirrel and ran right out of the bag… then I finally got the bag back on and the neighbor dog came out and he went nuts running up and down the fence with her and yep, lost the bag and got a little bit muddy… I tried.  

And then he was gone…

Needless to say, he didn’t get to potty.  We will have to try again later when I know the neighbor dog isn’t out.  

Anyway, even though it changed my day quite a bit, I got see DD and spend a little time with her while we waited, which was nice AND now she is spending the night tonight!  So, even though it’s terrible that sweet granddog is hurt, some good came out of it too.

Now I need to go get busy… I had planned a trip to the store but I’m afraid to leave the two a lone so I’ve got to figure out what we can have with our planned dinner from we have here at the house.  I can do it!

I love that I am able to go with the flow when things happen and it doesn’t cause any real issues for me.  I know that I am very fortunate and am grateful every day for that and do realize that I really don’t have anything to complain about and honestly, I wasn’t complaining just noticing how things typically happen.

Now, for real this time, I’m off to get busy!


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