Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We had beautiful weather, which I was able to get out and enjoy some but of course beautiful weather means… ALLERGIES… I have terrible allergies.  TERRIBLE.  And when I’m experiencing them, I get extremely tired.  They completely wear me out.  Maybe that means I need to take more naps during these seasons… allergy season… but for me that’s like all but a month or two of every year… But yay naps!!  I just need to allow myself to take them.  Maybe that should be goal for me!!  Listen to my body and nap when I need it without guilt. HA!  We will see.

Anyway, it’s Monday, and I’m resetting once again.  I got a good start with that yesterday by getting a head start on the kitchen. 

This morning, I got right on my yoga.  I’m really trying to be intentional with moving my body more.  It doesn’t have to be exercise per se, it can be cleaning, shopping, cooking, whatever, as long as I’m up and moving.

I got the sheets washed and put back on early.  I love Monday nights, when DH gets in bed and aaahhhhs and thanks me.  It makes me happy to make him happy and it’s such a little thing.

Homemaking makes me happy.  I’m not very good at it, I’ll admit.  As with everything else in my life, I go in spurts but I will say that when I’m really working my homemaking, I’m usually my happiest.

I was recently looking for some ideas for my homemaking… I don’t know what I was really looking for… routines, maybe?  Maybe just more ideas of what homemaking entails?   

Anyway, I googled “homemaking” and I was kind of shocked at how most of the blogs and books that came up were all Christian based… like for some reason, you have to be Christian to be a homemaker or something… so not true!  

I mean, I am a Jesus follower but that has nothing to do with my homemaking or the love of it.  I love it because I love how it makes me feel, I love making my home a place a that feels comfortable and joyful, and I love making things in my home for my home and the people I love.

These blogs, kind of turned me off.  I was looking for homemaking ideas, not a sermon, not a Bible lesson.  Just homemaking ideas. 

Anyway, I’m sure those blogs are out there but they don’t come up in an ordinary search on homemaking… I had to type in things like witchy homemaking (which had a lot of religious stuff in them too), or secular homemaking (which still gave me lots of Christian sites), vintage homemaking… you would think that just the general term homemaking would have brought up some of these too but I guess the Christian sites have got the SEO down better than others… 

It’s actually the same for homesteading… most of the sites that come up are Christian, again, as if you must be a Christian if this interests you… no one else might be interested… they are very right wing, ultra-conservative, again, as if no one else would be interested in a homestead… 

Anyway, I’ve been looking for general homemaking and homesteading sites for ideas to keep me more engaged throughout the day and to keep my body moving. 

So, I’ve been picking up, cooking, crocheting a lot lately.  I just finished some cute little booties/shoes for the precious grandson that I’ll be getting in the mail ASAP.

I have plans to make some eyeglasses cases for mom soon, and I am wanting to get out my sewing machine… I need to find a space for it first.

I’ve got dinner planned, towels in the wash, and the vacuum charging so I can run it through the house.  A vacuumed floor just makes everything seem cleaner, even it’s it’s still a bit cluttered.

I hope to get to some decluttering this week too… maybe that will help me find a place for the sewing machine… we will see.

Until next time… ♥️ 

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