It’s been a busy week or so…

It’s been super busy here.  I’ve been spring cleaning AND we’ve been doing a little house hunting.  We are looking to upgrade a little.  I love our home but we’ve outgrown it a bit…. So, we are looking… haven’t found anything yet… so I’ll continue my cleaning and organizing so that we will be ready to show our house when it’s time to sell OR so that we can find the room we need right here until we DO find what we need.

The CSA has been going well.  We’ve had two deliveries and I’ve used more than has been wasted, so that’s good.  I’m thinking we might need to get a smaller box… we will see.  I’ve enjoyed playing with different veggies.

Today is a rainy dreary day and it’s making me sleepy!!  That being said, I’ve been rather productive this morning, I was up early doing meditation and yoga, then I made a breakfast casserole, and packed DH’s  lunch, and took sweet Sidney for a walk!  I’ve talked to my morning peeps, and almost have the kitchen put back together.

On today’s agenda, is the desk… it is time to go through it again and find a home for the piles or it goes in the trash.  And I currently have TOO MANY piles!!  I thought about sharing a photo but it’s too embarrassing. 🙈

I just don’t know where all these piles come from but it is time to let them go… then… it’s to the basement!  I CAN DO IT!!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… 🚂 🚂

Until next time… ♥️ 

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