So this empty nest isn’t always a bed of roses…

Well this was our first full week as Empty nesters. I’m not going to lie. It was a rough week.

I was super busy with church and some days were just exhausting. I’m only part-time and it’s hard to fit all the visiting and sermon prep and paperwork and meetings in those short days…. especially when I live 30 to 45 minutes away from most of my parishioners. But I do my best.

I’ve also not been feeling too well. I think my allergies have been working overtime and my ears are really bothering me. Just when I think I’ve got all taken care of and I’m feeling better… BAM…. my ear starts hurting all over again and it may or may not have made me a bit cranky…

And then… well DH and I just weren’t clicking this week. It happens. But… whew… it made for a rough week, really it was just the later part of the week. We are doing ok now so I expect our weekend to be pretty great. No big plans but just time together doing what we want to do. I’m thinking we might start our day with a nice long walk.

Old photo of a long walk.

I did do something for me this week. I spent time with Reiki. I became a Reiki Master almost a year ago and haven’t had a lot opportunity to share it so I decided this week to make time and make my own opportunities.

This week I started doing 15 minute Distance Reiki sessions on my family and friends and on myself too. It has been really wonderful. It feels really good and I’ve even heard some positive feedback! If you’d like a 15 minute Distance Reiki session, let me know! The experience is good for me and you’ll benefit as well.

Not familiar with Reiki? Ask me a question and I’d be happy to answer!

Oh! And remember last weekend when I got to talk to both of kiddos? Well, I got to last night too! WooHoo! Nothing better than hearing their happy voices share their life with me. 😁 Makes this Mama’s heart full.

My heart right here.

Ok, now it’s time for that long walk I mentioned before it gets too hot and then I need to do some major menu planning and tidying up. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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