Finding a new normal

Well, I’ve been away from the blog for a bit.  I just haven’t felt much like writing.  I’ve been keeping busy with sermon writing and worship planning and when I’m done, I have no desire to write.


I’ve been in a weird place but I’m feeling better.  A huge interest of mine is alternative medicine.  I’m fascinated by herbal remedies, aromatherapy, diet (though I hate following any particular one), yoga (though I’m terrible at it) and so on.  Lately, I’ve been reading about Ayurveda.  It’s really interesting.  I’m driving DH crazy with my whole… Did you know…? or the… that’s because… explanation but he’s a pretty good sport and pretends to listen as long as I don’t say I’m changing our diet too much.

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It really is very interesting how food plays such an important part in how we feel and how our body works.  I mean it really makes sense to me.  That’s really how I stumbled across Ayurveda.  I had heard of it before but didn’t much about it.  I started noticing different things about how I felt when we ate certain things or at certain times and so on and I started googling it.

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I’ve been slowly trying to incorporate some of the Ayurveda lifestyle into my life a little at a time.  The first thing I did was start getting up early and brush my teeth first thing.  I usually wait till after I eat but sometimes that won’t be until a couple of hours after waking so…  I’ve also been trying to go to bed a bit earlier and without my electronics.  Oh, my phone still sits by the bed, I mean what if DD needs me?  What if DIL needs something while DS is away?  The phone must be near and on but I don’t have to look at it unnecessarily.   But this morning, I went big!  I got up, got dressed (this is a biggie.  I like to stay in my PJs as long as I can), scraped my tongue, brushed my teeth, and did some yoga breathing and now, I’m sitting here sipping my warm water and lemon while “journalling” aka blogging.  It’s making for a nice morning and I’m hoping to make this more of routine for me.

I’m hoping by starting my day out with a routine, a healthy routine, my days just might go better, smoother.  Maybe I’ll be more productive.  We will see.

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DH and I are still finding our new normal with this empty nest.  It’s a process but we are both taking the time to better ourselves through diet, exercise, and better habits.  We are ready to be the best versions of ourselves.

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