Being Productive

img_20140707_104244Whew!  Have I been busy this Saturday morning!  I’ve written the devotions for next week and have chosen the scriptures for the next week’s devotions.  I’ve chosen the hymns for the next 3 Sundays and have started looking at Lent!  Have I mentioned that I’m a pastor at two small churches about 30 minutes from me?  They keep me hopping!20190202_083439

I also made a yummy breakfast of homemade french toast and I’m getting ready for a snack of fruit.

I ran up and down the stairs this morning for my exercise and spent some time stretching. I’m hoping to get a few more rounds of stair jogging before the day ends.  I read it’s a great form of exercise and you can do it in short bursts.

I was even able to get two chapters of reading in!

I’m just feeling really productive!  My hope was to be mostly done by lunch and I think I’m going to make it and be able to spend the afternoon and evening doing things just for fun!!

The time spent being productive this morning will hopefully make my week a little easier next week.  I hope to be able to stay ahead now!  Goals!!


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