The Snooze Button

alarm-clock-1193291_1920I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with the snooze button.  And you throw in Daylight Savings time and UGH!

What do you do with your snooze button time? Do you use it for a few extra minutes of sleep?  Or maybe you use it to slowly wake up.  Or maybe you say your morning prayers.  Or are you one of those super people who jump right up and start your day without hitting snooze?

I’ve been known to use it all these ways.  Lately, though, I’ve been more of a let’s sleep a couple more minutes kinda gal. My husband on the other hand, has been using it to slowly wake up.  He calls it his snuggle time.  It’s nice as long as he doesn’t speak or move about too much.  I’m into it for sleeping longer so don’t disturb me! (I’m thinking maybe I need to go to bed earlier so I’m less cranky in the mornings.)

A while back I was reading about how we should get up at the same time every day and we should get up early, I think it said like before 6am. I often get up early to get work done before everyone is awake… well, now it’s just DH and me so I guess that’s not a worry so much now… but I digress…  Anyway, so I started that.  I got up early, scraped my tongue and brushed my teeth, splashed my face with water and so on as this article said and fixed myself a cup of warm water and lemon. According to this article, this is how we should all start our day. (If you are interested in reading more google Ayurveda morning routine) It’s the healthy way!  I would then do a short online yoga video and then get to work making breakfast for DH and packing his lunch before I got to my real work of sermon and devotion writing and preparing bulletins.

I really need to get back this.  It feels so nice to be so productive before 8am!  It leaves me feeling like I have all the time in the world and really, don’t we? It’s just how we use our time that makes it seem so fleeting.

I’ve been thinking a lot about morning routines and how I need to get back to a more regular one. Get up, no snoozes, and get moving, get to living.

I’ve blogged before about living on the sidelines.  It’s something I struggle with a lot.  I tend to get caught up reading, watching TV, scrolling social media, and forget to actually get out and live an active life.  So, here we are and I think I’ll make an action plan…

  1. Get up earlier! No snooze, get up and start your day!
  2. Make some quiet time in my morning for some time with God. I do that for my sermon writing and for my devotions but I don’t do it just for me and I need to.
  3. Get outside more! Go for walks, work in the yard.  I need some more activity and vitamin D in my life.
  4. Limit my time on social media.
  5. Write every day – about my life, my loves, my hopes, and dreams – just write.
  6. COOK more!! I love to cook but often think I don’t have time. I do! If I’ll just make time.

I guess this is a good start.  I don’t want to overwhelm myself!  Basically, I just need to be more active.  I just need to start living more.  Stop putting life off till later!  Later isn’t promised to any of us.  Live now, in the now, in the present moment of today.  That being said, I’m off now to do some living.  I think I’ll bake some zucchini bread.  I haven’t done that in years!  And go for a short walk before I get back to work today.  Life is short, so love your dear ones, meet new ones and love some more.


**I have been writing devotions for Lent on this topic of being present, being less busy.  If you’d like to start receiving these devotions in your email you can click here to sign up. No spam just a little daily devotion M-F.

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