Zucchini Bread

In my post Wednesday, I mentioned that I was going to make some zucchini bread, and I actually did AND… It was pretty good.  It’s an old recipe I found 2006 from a blogger friend, Ask The Helpful Housewife, aka Leanne Roman.  I don’t think she blogs much anymore but I did find the old post where she shared the recipe here.


I had some zucchini in the refrigerator that I needed to get used before it went bad and zucchini bread seemed perfect for the day.  I did make a few tweaks. I had whole wheat flour and date sugar, so that’s what I used, trying to be a little bit healthy. Plus, I think since I made these changes, it needed more liquid, so I added a little more oil, another egg, and some water to make it more batter-like.  It was still really DRY before I added it and even then it was still pretty thick.

It could a little more tweaking…  Maybe half sugar, half date sugar… and I think I forgot the salt… (What???)  But it’s still good.  Not my best but good.  Did I mention it’s been a while since I’ve done much baking?  DD usually does it for me.

It was fun to get back into the kitchen to make a treat just because I could.  I think I’ll make it a weekly event or maybe every other week, but it should be a regular event for me.  It’s therapeutic to be back in the kitchen again.  I’ll have to give the goodies away so that I don’t gain weight but what a lovely thing to do for my friends and neighbors.

Hmm…. What to make next time…  any ideas? Share your favorite recipes in the comments, please!


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