Cinderella, Breakfast Tacos, and more      

This weekend I took my mom to see DD’s performance in Cinderella.  It was wonderful and of course, she was beautiful.  She amazes me every day.  Her bravery, her talent, her determination.  I ask myself all the time, “How did YOU raise kids like this?”  They are both just amazing people.20190323_161908-1She didn’t have a lot of groceries when we arrived.  She usually does her shopping on Saturday or Sunday, so she was out of most everything.  I told her we could go get some breakfast, but she thought we could manage if I would cook it.

So, she decided we’d have breakfast tacos of hash browns, zucchini, spinach, refried beans, and corn tortillas.  She took over after I shredded the zucchini.  She just had to do it herself!  lol and they were surprisingly delicious.

I’ll not share the full recipe so she can blog it later at her own blog but here’s a photo.20190323_085012-3Mom and I hung out together and went to get DD’s groceries for the week and explored a little.  And then we went to the Ballet!  It was wonderful!  The stepsisters stole the show as usual.  They were adorable.  DD was in the corps.  She is a trainee and this is her first year with the company and I couldn’t be more proud! She did a beautiful job and Mom and I really enjoyed it.


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Sunday was my darling mother’s birthday, so we went out to breakfast with DD before her matinee performance.  It was fabulous!!  It was a new to us restaurant and we loved it!  So very yummy a20190324_105214nd they celebrated Mom’s bday with us.  Someone asked as we walked in if we were celebrating something and I told it was her birthday.  All through the meal, the staff came over to wish her a Happy Birthday and then after breakfast, they brought her a scoop of ice cream and sang to her.  It was really sweet though it embarrassed her immensely.

We had a lovely visit. It was nice and slow and I needed it to be.  We celebrated the beautiful performance and the birthday of a wonderful mother.  It was a great weekend.



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