Wonderful Wednesday

I have continued to struggle with The Blues … A LOT, so I decided to dub today Wonderful Wednesday as a day of counting my wonderful blessings.  So … here we go!

Count Your Blessings

  1. My family – They may be spread out, and I might not get to see them often enough, but they are mine and they make my heart sing.
  2. My home – It may be a mess right now, but it’s ours and is full of lots of memories and well, I knew as soon as I stepped into the entryway that it was our home.
  3. Spring! – It’s finally here.  The pollen makes life miserable due to my allergies but I love the sunshine and how everything is green and blooming.  It’s a beautiful time of the year.
  4. DH is coming home today!!  That’s really the big one.  I have missed him terribly.  Every evening, about 5pm thoughts of him would lock themselves firmly in my mind.  I’d feel so sad without him here.  That ends for a while today!!  He’ll be home for dinner with me, and breakfast, and bedtime and when I wake.  I just can’t wait!

I feel better just listing those out.  It’s amazing how a moment of gratitude can lift our spirits!  It even has health benefits! I’ve known this but sometimes it’s just so easy to get caught up in the pity parties of life.  They can overwhelm us and make us struggle to keep our heads above water but just remembering our blessings can be a great lifeline.  We may just have to make a habit of this!

How about you?  Are you needing a little lift to your day?  Count your blessings in the comments below!  Let’s support one another.

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