Spending Time


DH drove out to pick up DD and bring her home last week.  He got to see her perform and then they got home Saturday evening.

So, I’ve been spending my time with them.  DH is going to be traveling for DD’s 20th birthday so we went out today to celebrate early!  Fun times!

DH has really gotten into fountain pens in the last year.  In fact, I received one for Christmas from him and DS received a tactical one when we thought he was deploying and now, DD received one for her birthday.


I wish you could have seen her face when she opened it!  She loved it.  I can’t wait to read some of her beautiful poetry she’ll write with it.

I love having my nest a little less empty for a few days.  Not nearly long enough but that’s okay.  I love seeing my kids out living their lives too.

When I take her back, I’ll swing by DS and DIL’s for a few days to visit with them.  (DS may be in the field but I’ll enjoy spending time with my sweet DIL and my grandpups.)

I’ll try to get on here a few times this week to share but if I don’t, know that I’m spending time with my girl, living life, having deep philosophical conversations and giggling over nothing.  Watching girly movies, eating sushi, playing games, going on walks.  We’ll be having lots of those hard, gut-wrenching conversations too, filled with tears, but then we’ll get back to the giggles and fun.

Time is fleeting and I’m not going to waste a second of it!

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