More fun adventures!

So much fun!  That’s what we had on the next day’s adventure.  DH had some time off so I rode in with him and sat in the car for a while waiting on him.

Yep, we’re that couple… the one that sends selfies to each other when we are waiting around.

Anyway, after about an hour I got antsy so I decided to give the university’s museum a try.  These were my two favorite exhibits.

I know, I know, there were lots of other exhibits but having lived and visited many military installations I wasn’t overly impressed.  It was nice, just not my thing.

Finally, DH was done for the day and so we headed out on our adventure.  I didn’t realize how really excited I was until we stopped at a little rest area and DH said, “Oh my goodness!  You are so excited!”

We were heading out to a little bitty town that my family was from.  I think my mom told me my Great Grandmother was born there.  It was supposed to be about 1 hour and 28 minutes from where we were according to Google Maps.  At about that time we were turning off onto a very small, though well maintained road.  Parts of it was mostly dirt and parts of it was so well packed it didn’t seem like dirt and others were paved.

20190619_124137It was a beautiful drive.  We laughed and joked the whole way.  Some of the houses along the way were just beautiful!  Such lovely porches.  I have a thing for porches.  I believe all houses should have them!


We had a lovely time visiting.  We were starving by the time we got there. (two hours later…) STARVING!  So our first mission was to find something to eat. I actually knew where we were going to eat (it was the only place that would be open) but DH had to ask around and then we ended up here.


What a find!  It was a store and then some!  We found all kinds of goodies to buy but look at our amazing lunch!

Why, yes, that little jar of water is mine.  What can I say?  I love water!!  Our sandwiches were delicious.  We ended up each eating half of each.  It really was a cute little store with a little deli counter for quick grab lunches but you could also order from the counter and they would make you some delicious food!  They had tables set up inside off in a room to the side and outside but with my allergies and the pollen what it is here, DH suggested we eat inside.

It was a lovely lunch followed by shopping and visiting and a HUGE brownie that I forgot to take a photo of but it was also quite yummy.  We visited with the folks there for a bit and then went to take a few photos around the town.  I wanted proof that I had stood where, as DH puts it, ‘my people’ had stood.

Then we headed over to the cemetery. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the ones we were looking for as many were old and worn and you couldn’t read the names.  I did find a few with familiar names I’m pretty certain were women relatives who married, so now had different last names.  It was all fun though looking all the stones and reading them.

Then we headed back for a quick nap for DH before his evening event, but not before stopping at one more little store.  I loved this place and could have stayed there for hours just looking and sampling cheeses!


DH had a Keynote event that evening.  The speaker was Carrie Lohrenz, the first woman fighter pilot.  She was there to speak on her book, “Fearless Leadership” and it was followed by a book signing.  It was a great evening.

It was altogether a wonderful day!

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