Rain, Rain, Go Away

So the next day was just plain YUCKY.  It rained, full on downpour most of the day.  DH had an early meeting, so he went off to do his thing.  We had planned on him coming back to get me and we’d go spend the morning having breakfast together and wandering about town on a walking tour (also look for post office to mail stuff home… oops). At that meeting though, he found out about another one that sounded interesting.  So… we grabbed some cider doughnuts and I took him back to the university.  We decided I’d go find something to do and meet him back there for the hooding ceremony.

Well, it was raining too hard to do anything.  I did have a lovely view though.

I decided I needed to change clothes and shoes due to the rain… I did NOT plan well for weather challenges. And I headed out early in case he got done early and to give myself plenty of time for the drive in the rain, in the mountains.  That was pretty smart as there was more traffic than usual and with the rain, they were driving pretty slow.

So, anyway, not a lot of exploring on this day.  We had the hooding ceremony.

I may have teared up a bit.  It was pretty exciting.

Then we went to eat to celebrate with one of his classmates and his family at a little burger joint in town, called Cornerstone Burger.  It was amazing!

Mine was the Sugar Shak Mac, mac and cheese with a little Vermont Maple Sugar, bacon, and buttery cracker crumb.  It was Delicious!!  DH had the Mac and Cheese Burger.  It was to slices of Mac and Cheese deep fried with the burger in between.  It was amazing!!!

Then we headed back for a nice warm bath… my feet were frozen from my soaked shoes.  Only two more days to tell you about!  Aren’t you excited?  lol


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