Wonderful Wednesday

Count Your BlessingsIt’s time for my Wonderful Wednesday post this week.  It is Wednesday, right?  Last week I was a day early!  I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right this week.  It is wonderful Wednesday and today I’m grateful for…

  • My son’s dog is doing well after having to have surgery late last night.  He’s such a precious dog and we all love him.  We’d all be devasted if anything happened to him.  Yay for Stryker’s health!
  • My knees are almost back to 100%.  They have been bothering me a great deal the last few days.  Yesterday, I stayed home and kept them up most of the day and they are feeling much better today.
  • A clean kitchen!  Nothing feels much better than that!  With all the traveling we’ve been doing, things had really piled up in there but now, it is nice and clean and ready for me to cook us a yummy dinner tonight!
  • Family and Friends  What would life be without them?  Love getting time with them all, whether it’s on the phone or in person.  I cherish the time.

What makes your Wednesday wonderful?

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