Disconnecting to Reconnect

Yes, silly as it sounds, that is exactly what I have been trying to do.  Disconnecting from technology some so that I can reconnect… with nature, with family, with God, with myself!

I’ve been reading more and just sitting more.  I’ve been visiting more and crocheting more.  I’ve been going through things and letting go.  I’ve been quietly sipping tea and just listening to the sounds around me.  I’ve been spending time outside in my “garden”.  It’s really just the backyard but I’m dreaming and trying to work towards possibly having a garden someday.  Neither DH or I have green thumbs.  We barely keep the trees and yard alive but we’ve really been working at more the last month or so.  I’m making an effort to notice the plants growing in the yard and to water and talk to them.

20190911_101032This morning I was doing just that.  I noticed that a petite rose bush we have that DH swears is dead has a new flower on it and LOTS of buds!  This thrills me more than you know!  There’s two of these bushes and the other is not fairing as well but I have noticed some new leaves in a lovely deep shade of green sprouting so I’m thinking there is still hope.

Along the back fence we have several butterfly bushes.  I use the term bushes loosely… that is what they are supposed to be and they are fuller than last year and the year before when we planted them but they still look a little stickish.  I was out walking along them and touching them and talking to them (I’ve heard it works and at this point I’ll try anything) and a butterfly came over and spread it’s wings for me.  It was beautiful and amazing and I wished I had my phone or camera with me so that I could take some photos.  The butterfly and I chatted for a bit and then flew away.  I continued my walk to the next bush and another butterfly came over and spread it’s wings!  I know it was just for me.  It also was beautiful!  It lingered longer so I thought I’d run inside and grab my phone to take a some photos of at least the plants for a blogpost but couldn’t find it anywhere!  I gave up and headed back out only to have my back pocket get caught on the chair as I walked by… well, it wasn’t really my pocket so much as the phone in it!  I had had it all long!  So I go out and try to catch the butterfly… that one flew away as I walked up but another little bitty one landed perfectly as I was taking a photo of the flowers on the bush.

I can’t think of a better way to spend part of my morning and than out in nature enjoying the view of God’s great handiwork.  Unfortunately, the misquitos enjoyed it too…

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