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59952435509__6cf1c963-9b85-4aab-ad8a-8871276ae1cbSo, it is this beautiful lady’s birthday (no, not mine or DD’s, my mom’s) and so I’m taking to my blog to brag on her a bit.

I couldn’t have asked for a better mother.  She taught me so much in life.  She taught me how to be a good mother, a wife, and a just a good person.

She wasn’t just mine and my siblings teacher in life though, she was an elementary school teacher as well.  She touched so many people’s lives over the years through this.  I remember when I was in junior high, meeting some of her former students.  Some became friends by default!  They loved her so they liked me too.

She was also a wonderful Pastor’s wife and she touched lives through that job as well!  She stood by my daddy always.  She played the piano, the organ, she directed the choir and the children’s choir too, she led women’s groups, and taught Sunday school (adults and children), she also visited with him at hospitals and sometimes people’s homes.  She hosted open houses during the busy holiday season and prepared all the food and such herself.

She worked full time as a teacher and then came home to be mom, wife, and pastor’s wife! That should probably count as four, count them, 1 2 3 4.  FOUR  full-time jobs!  And she succeeded at them all.  She cooked dinner for us most every night.  She kept the house neat and tidy and honestly, I don’t really remember hearing her complain much, if at all.  It’s just what she did and who she was.

I became a lay pastor AFTER my daddy passed away and my mom stepped right into that role of mentor helping me learn how to do it.  She has read more of my sermons than she probably ever wanted to, she has guided me as I learned how to conduct funerals, she listened as I’ve cried over the loses that come from serving an older congregation and she has prayed for my congregants as I’ve called and texted my worry to her over them.

And yeah, I skipped ahead a lot… I didn’t even cover all the times she listened as I cried trying to figure out the thing call raising kids!  I didn’t cover all the tear-filled calls she received during deployments!  I didn’t cover the calls (very recent) in the middle of the night because I was home alone and sicker than ever before and thought I was dying.  She was and is always there with a listening ear and more love than I could ever imagine.

My mom?  She is wonderful, amazing, kind, generous, loving, and yes, sometimes brutally honest but all need that sometimes!!  So, Mom, thank you.  Thank you for always being there and for being the best mom we could ever ask for in life.  Thank you and I LOVE YOU!!

Oh, and did I mention what an awesome Grandmom she is??  She is.

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