We CAN do this!

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This morning, I rolled over in bed and picked up my phone.  I had gotten out of the habit of doing this in early January but as this virus has taken over, I find myself once again, looking for my phone and catching up on the news before I even get out of the bed.  It’s a terrible habit and I think I’m going to break myself of it again.  Waking up like that is definitely not healthy and it isn’t how I want to start my day.

But this morning, as I was reading all the news, and everyone’s take on everything, and started feeling frustration and yes, anger, I realized once again, that we can not rely on the government, or any organization to get us through this crisis.  There is too much selfishness and greed there.  Instead, we just need to rely on each other.  Only the American people themselves can help heal our country.  Only the individual residents of this planet can help heal it.

The military has a saying that I think is very fitting here, “The military takes care of its own.”  Only at this point, it should just be, “We take care of each other.” We all just need to help our neighbors.  If you have a job, help out those who don’t.  If you have money and are able to, support local businesses.  Oh!  Maybe you could combine those two, and have a meal delivered from a local small restaurant to a neighbor who is struggling right now.  Maybe you don’t have the means to help in that way.  That’s okay!  Maybe you could call your neighbors and check in with them.  Have a nice little chat.

We can’t just sit by and wait on our government, and I’m talking all of them, Republicans, Democrats, National, State, we can’t wait on them to do what’s right.  We can’t wait on them to “save us”.  We can’t afford to wait around on them.  We need to step up and just be a good neighbor and help each other out.  We need to pray for one another and for the world.  Pray in whatever faith you follow, it’s doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Buddhist,  Jewish, Muslim, or whatever.  If you pray, meditate or whatever.  Just do it however you do it.  Let’s unite as one people… Humankind… praying for each other, loving our neighbor, caring for one another.

We are all one family!  And just like in a family we don’t all always agree, we aren’t all the exact same BUT we are all God’s creatures.  Each of us created in His image.  His image, which is one of love and compassion.  I believe that we all have the same purpose on this earth, to love one another and help one another and if we live out this purpose the world will survive and actually THRIVE!

We know that the spread of this virus is through contact.  We know that you can be carrying this virus without any symptoms.  We know that for some, it’s a minor inconvenience but for others it is a death sentence.  Do you have elderly in your family?  Do you know anyone with cancer, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, and the list goes on and on. And not all of these are just issues OLD people have.  Young people have them too!  This virus could KILL them.  Let that sink in.  And YOU could be the one that gives it to them.  You could be the one that passes them their death sentence.  Think about that.

Now, is it really too much to ask that you stay home for awhile, and yes, it may be a long while, to help save lives?  I don’t think so.  I know it’s hard on the economy.  I know it’s scary.  But we will get through this.  We will recover.  The economy will recover.

I’m not anyone special, I don’t have big degrees or even a big job.  I’m just a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and yeah, ok, a lay pastor.  I don’t know numbers, I don’t have any medical knowledge but I do know God.  I know we are all anxious.  I know these are scary times. It’s easy to get caught up in all that.  It’s easy to get all caught up in the politics of it all too.  But people’s lives shouldn’t be political.  People’s lives, no matter who they are shouldn’t be disposable. They don’t have to be!

We WILL get through this.  We could even come out on the other side of this better off if we choose it.  We could have stronger friendships, stronger families.  All I am asking is that we set our selfishness and greed aside and start thinking about how we can be there for one another.   How we can help our neighbor.  Even if it’s just having your kid drawing a picture and leaving it on your neighbor’s doorstep.  That would sure bring a smile to my face!  Reach out!  Now is the time to get to know your neighbor… from 6 feet away please… now is the time to be kind, understanding, compassionate.  Now is the time to be the best we can be!  Now is the time to set aside our differences, our fears and anxieties and just love each other (from afar).  We CAN do this!

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