A new adventure

Hi Friends!

I know I’ve been lax in posting lately… Like everyone else, I’m just trying to get through this pandemic and election, but I’m tired of talking about it all so I just haven’t been posting…

BUT! I’m starting a new adventure and I am so excited about it and just thought I’d share a little about it today.

Adventure is calling me!

Back in September, I attended one of those party things online. I had heard of this company before, but hadn’t ever really checked it out but decided it was the perfect time, plus I could check it out in my time! No specific time to be there so it didn’t take any of my family time and it only took a couple of minutes here and there.

I got sucked in pretty quick. I get excited about helping the environment and making my life easier at the same time and this did both!

Now, I’m not going to lie… part of the reason I never wanted to look into the company is that I really don’t like cleaning but with this pandemic and trying to keep the virus out of our home as best we can while not over exposing us to too many chemicals, I thought the time was right to look into it.

By now, you may have guessed… the company is NORWEX. It’s a company of cleaning products that eliminates/reduces (I’m still learning) the chemicals in our homes. I love that!

I received these little 2 inch squares of the envirocloth and the window cloth and immediately fell in love! The window cloth cleaned my glasses so that I could actually see again and the windows?!?! With those little 2 inch squares we cleaned sections of our windows that we usually struggle with cleaning in just a few moments. Both DH and I were sold. We even became a little excited about cleaning! 😳😳 I’m still working on trying out all of the products but so far, I’m very happy! Still have more to try and I can’t wait!

So, anyway, I hosted a party and received LOADS of free products. With gift cards I received from the party and specials, I paid $6.89 total for over $200 worth of product!

Anyway, DH, DD and I have been having fun trying everything out and I’m looking forward to sharing it all with everyone. If you’d like to book an online party to see if you could earn some free products, let me know! We can do it over Facebook, ZOOM, just an online catalog party. We can figure it out and make it right for you and friends and family. If you want to just go and check out the company and see what they have you can do so here… https://sherrihwilliams.norwex.biz

No pressure, just sharing my excitement about my new adventure!

Will you party with me?

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