A controversial discussion… sort of…

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So, I’m going to be controversial. I’m sorry but it has to be said. No, it’s not politics and it’s not religion either… well, that is unless, you make food your religion.

Here it goes.

Why is food such an important part of EVERYTHING? I mean I get it we all have to eat in order to live. But really, has anyone every thought that perhaps this is why we so often struggle with our weight? I’m sure many of us have.

I mean, at Halloween it’s Carmel apples, popcorn balls, pumpkin everything… CANDY… At thanksgiving it’s pumpkin pie, pecan pie, pumpkin rolls, not to mention the traditional dinner … then at Christmas… cookies, cakes, pies, candy and again the traditional dinner… then you have New year’s, Valentine’s, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July… they all seem to have lots of food involved… and it’s all mostly unhealthy sweets or fatty foods… I guess in between we can eat the healthier stuff but first we have to finish the leftovers and break the sugar addiction… each and every time…

Where is all this coming from you ask? DD made Halloween Rice Crispy treats and she and I pigged out on them!! We couldn’t stop! And then I paid for it all night long… hot flashes, night sweats… NO SLEEP…

I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone but sugar makes most of my hormonal (menopause) symptoms really go through the roof… and it only takes a little nibble of sugar for me to be completely addicted.

So again, I ask, WHY??? Why is food always at the center of our gatherings? What could we put at the center instead? I’m really asking…

Do you do it differently? What do you do differently? We love food and we look forward to all the baking and cooking for family celebrations but my waistline… not mention my health… needs a new and different way, something else to look forward to doing with and for each other.

I need food to be just for survival, not for comfort, not for fun, not for love… just to live. Share your idea, please!

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  1. My mother is a food hypocrite. She obsesses about her weight, has given my sister and I varying degrees of eating disorders, yet….makes enough food for twenty people at a gathering for five….

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