As one chapter closes…

It has been rough few months. Really rough.  One of my little churches had 3 pillars of its congregation pass away in two months time.  It was hard and heartbreaking.  Dealing with COVID was hard enough, we haven’t been to in person worship in over a year now and it has hit this little congregation hard.

In January we started discussions about the future of our little church and then yesterday we met to officially vote to close the church.  I thought I was ready for it but when the vote was read a loud, I felt such a deep sadness, and my eyes welled up with tears.  

The other church will be transitioning to a new style of church… class meeting style. They will be remaining open while they are able and I pray for their success!

Over the last 5 years, these two churches have filled my life and grew my extended family.  It wasn’t always easy, I sacrificed a lot to be there… time with my own family for one.  But I loved these little churches with my whole heart.  They truly became a part of our family.

In the last few years though I’ve struggled with balance… wanting and needing to spend more time with my family – my mother, my grown kids who live far off, my siblings…. And so it is with a conflicted heart that I have decided to no longer serve as pastor.  

Even though it is something I am choosing for myself, the grief is very real. It is always hard when a season ends, when the page turns for the next chapter.  I have huge waves of sadness thinking of the ending and then a bit of excitement at the prospect of going to see family and having a new sense of freedom.  

My heart is conflicted – I’m sad to say goodbye to this chapter of people, preaching, loving, and sharing but I am excited to be able to do some things I’ve been missing – my kids, my mom, my siblings, my nieces and nephew, and Camping!

So, y’all pray for me during this transition. I need it.  Pray for my churches.  They need it. My last Sunday will be April 25th.  It will be a hard day but that next week I will get to go and be with my son and daughter-in-love to help them move to their new home. 


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  1. You have been such a blessing to these two churches and given so much of yourself. But I agree with you that it is time for you to go share yourself with your family . God will take care of those you leave in His hands. God bless you and your family

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