It’s Wednesday again!  And here I am… again.  This is three weeks!  It’s only once a week but I feel pretty good about it being a good start.

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about community involvement.  I’ve always been active in church and I try to support the local community but I don’t know that I’ve had a lot of involvement.  I mean in a bigger way than just knowing my neighbors.

DH and I went with a friend to our local Second Saturday Concert this month and we had a great time.  The music was good but I so enjoyed the people watching!  DH and I have decided to do it again next month too. 

A few weeks ago, DD and I talked about trying to have a more “local” Christmas this year.   You know, shopping more locally and trying to find more unique items to give.  We have some really lovely stores in our little downtown area.  From antiques stores, to gift shops, a toy store, a candle store, jewelry stores and dress shops.  That doesn’t even cover it all.

Now that I’m not preaching out in other communities, I want to get back to the community we live in!  I want to get to know more people in our community.  You know, store owners, and workers and honestly, everyone!  I’ve even started thinking about volunteering… I’m not quite ready for that kind of commitment yet but I’m thinking about it.  In the homeless shelter maybe, to in our main street program, and so on.

I have to stop thinking of volunteering as a job and remember it’s volunteering when I am able not all the time for everything.  It’s a learning process.  I don’t have to do it non-stop and I don’t always have to be at everything!  I can still go visit my kids and my mom whenever I want – no guilt if I miss something but this is where I struggle and why I’m not ready to commit yet.  

For now, I’ll be present, and open and we will see where it leads me.  Are you active in your community?  How?  I’d love ideas!

Old photo of our downtown area… 2010 I think … a lot has changed.

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