A Hallmark Life

WooHoo!  I made it a whole month!  Yay me!  LOL 😂 But seriously, it’s a good start in getting back to it.

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The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about community.  Honestly, I watched a few Christmas in July movies on Hallmark that got me really thinking about this.  I love Hallmark movies.  I know, they’re cheesy and they are all an awful lot alike but… they make me feel good.

I’ve wished for a Hallmark type life for always… at first it was more of a Mayberry kind of life, then it was Mitford, and how about that Middleton from Good Witch!  Watching these movies the last couple of weeks has me longing for this again but this time I realized something.  Those movies and shows are what they are (well, one because they are fiction but…) because of the people and really often the main character.  It’s how those people choose to live!

I’ve decided that I can choose to live my life in a Hallmark/Mayberry/Mitford/Middleton kind of way.  It’s my choice!

I live in a small town with a cute downtown area with really neat shops!  We have quaint restaurants and diners.  We have fun events too!  Concerts, charm hunts, haunted tours and so on!  If I’m not living a Hallmark/Mayberry/Mitford/Middleton kind of life that’s on me!

I’ve heard people talking about being the main character of your own life and so that’s what I’m working on!

I started this month.  I still have lots more to do but I’m a work in progress.  So far I been to our summer concert series, I’ve shopped downtown several times trying to shop local, we’ve dined at several of our cute little eateries and I’ve taken time to stop and visit with the owners a bit when they weren’t too busy.

I’m choosing to actually life my life in the way I’ve always dreamed.  I’m not sitting back and wishing for it, I’m doing it!  And you know what?  I’m having a blast doing it! 

Now… if only COVID (and the unvaccinated) don’t ruin it for me… Get vaccinated people!!  

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