Busy times

So, I missed my Wednesday deadline for myself… Honestly, it was always more about weekly than the particular day so… Here I am.

It’s been rather busy lately. We moved DD into a beautiful new apartment about 30 minutes away. I’m going to miss her living just down the road but the apartment is SOOO much nicer and is so much closer to all of her work. She’ll be saving money on gas by not having to drive 45 minutes one way every day. That’s how we spent the weekend.

This week has been busy… Spent Monday with DD helping her finish getting settled in and packing her suitcase for her Grand New York state adventure! We spent the night at her place, it’s closer to the airport, so we could take her at 4:30 am and get her all checked in for her flight. You won’t believe this, I know it’s true because NO ONE believes me, but this was her first time on an airplane. I know, it’s crazy, she’s 22 years old, but we couldn’t afford 4 plane tickets so we just always drove everywhere we wanted to go. Anyway, because it was her first time, I was a nervous wreck… Our airport here is nice and small, easy to find your gate and so on but she had to change planes! In Detroit! I was a nervous wreck, but she, of course, had no issues.

I had meetings this week, and the plumber, and will hopefully have a roofer soon too. Yeah… we’ve got a leak… Insurance said the first time we called that it wasn’t worth doing anything about but now water is leaking in on my carpet and the inside damage is getting worse. So we are calling a roofer AND the insurance company this time. Wish us luck!

Today, I’ve been kind of taking it easy hanging out doing my own thing. Started out with Yoga bright and early followed by turmeric tea. Took my pup on a two mile walk out by the “waterfall” and it was lovely! Then came home and had a ZOOM meeting with the ‘Ladies’. It’s been a few weeks so it was nice to catch up. Then worked on a few projects… finished a baby blanket, worked on something for DH’s new office… it’s almost done…didn’t quite work out but it will. And am going to start a Christmas present for my fake sister as soon as I’m done here.

I’m ready for cooler weather… it’s cooler today but humid. I’m sooo ready for FALL! Ready for sweaters, and fire bowls, and hot chocolate! (need a sugar free version but no aspartame) I can’t wait to put out some fall decorations too! I’m ready for crafting, and hiking. Maybe even a camping trip!

I have been enjoying evening walks with the moon so I’ll leave you with a photo from that. Friends, have a wonderful weekend! Take time to just sit back and enjoy it.

Walking by the Light of the Moon

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