Autumn calls to me

Yesterday it was the wind, today it’s the cooler temperatures. I LOVE them. I’m freezing my poor DH out! He wants the heater on and I’m like, “NO! Put on more clothes! Grab a blanket! But please, let’s enjoy the cool weather while we can!”

Poor DH… He was born in July in the midst of heat, I was born in October just as the temperatures are lowering… wonder if our birth month has anything to do with our differences in this…

I live for Autumn! It’s my favorite. I look forward to bringing out the sweaters and blankets, snuggling next to a fire, adding a blanket to the bed, drinking my hot teas or cocoa. I love the changing colors of the leaves, the baking (though not the calories or weight gain 😂), the nesting and preparing and settling in for winter.

Autumn is definitely my favorite. It’s cooling off but not too cold yet. The wind comes and visits and the colors of fall always appeal to me as well. The deep greens, the reds, the oranges, the yellows… they are so beautiful. I’m sitting looking out the window at my… I think it’s called a burning bush. It’s just starting to turn red. Only a few leaves so far but I can’t wait to see it all ablaze!

Here are a few autumn photos I’ve taken lately.

For me, Autumn is just pleasing the senses, my eyes, my ears, my skin, and yes even my taste. I’ve been baking a lot… pumpkin bread, applesauce bread… well, I had been. I’ve slowed down this week as it was just too much sugar for me but I’m still in the kitchen cooking up breakfast and dinners!

Fall speaks to me on so many levels. I even love Halloween! I love the decorations, the pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns… we haven’t done much decorating outside for quite a few years now but this year, I put out spiders and webs, lights – orange and purple, headstones and pumpkins too! I bought mums to add a touch of ‘life’ too.

If I could live in a place that was autumn year around I would! I guess that’s not really possible though is it… we must have the spring in order to have the fall. I LOVE all four seasons but if I had to pick one it would for sure be autumn.

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