The Wind and Me

Friends, this was me the other night, only picture me sitting on the patio with my arms raised in the air, full on smile, loving the feel and sound of the wind.

I LOVE the wind. Like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wind. We moved to the area the very end of September back in 2009 and about the only thing I loved at that time about it was the wind.

I love how it feels blowing in my hair and across my body. I love looking up and watching the trees move and the leaves dance in the wind.

I remember having a conversation with my aunt Margaret a year two or later about how I loved the wind and she thought I was crazy. We decided that perhaps it depends on where you live… she lived in dry, dusty west Texas and when she thought of the wind, she thought of the dust and dirt blowing in her eyes, pelting her skin… I have to say that I do not think I would like that kind of wind.

But I do LOVE my wind. Now not so much when it’s bitterly cold. The other night it was very cool… in fact DH was shivering and didn’t stay out with me very long but I was … I just can’t find the words… I was mesmerized, hypnotized, energized, renewed by the wind. It had been a blah day and within just seconds of feeling the wind, I was smiling and feeling alive. What is it about the wind and me?

I wish I was better with words… I’d write a poem, an ode of sorts to the wind… perhaps titled… “The Wind and Me…” what would I say? It’d have to be more than just I love the wind… lol 😂

The wind and me are friends, you see... She calls me out to play... She brings me joy and enlivens me as her magic fills the day. 
The wind and me are friends, you see... She makes me want to dance... Sway here and there around the tree, across the floor of leaves.  
The wind and me are friends, you see... She casts a spell o'er me... Entrancing me to sing her song of joy and love and peace. 

Hahaha 😂😂 well that was fun… I am definitely not a poet but I had fun with this. Listen to this piece! It’s beautiful and goes so well with this post.

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