As often as you eat and drink…

It’s Sunday again and y’all, I haven’t been to worship in a church building in quite a while. Sometimes I watch online, sometimes I don’t. We are struggling right now with the “church” and “religion.” I still believe, my faith is strong, but things just have not been feeling “right” lately and so we struggle.

This morning, I spent time thinking about family and friends in need… of… whatever it is they need. Sending love to them through the distance. Then we had a lovely breakfast. DD came and stayed the night with us last night and so she was with us for a lovely meal of croissants, sausage, eggs and grapes. We said a blessing over our meal and then enjoyed the time together visiting and laughing.

When we were done I got to thinking, not for the first time, that this was church for us. Jesus said as often as you eat and drink remember me. It doesn’t say, as often as you go to a particular building where a pastor, preacher or priest blesses the bread and cup, he didn’t say once a week or once a month or once a quarter. It says as often as you eat and drink. For many of us that could be 3 times a day! He also said, where two or more are gathered I am there, though I think he is always there even when I’m alone… so… To me, this is real communion.

When I’m cooking for myself and/or my family, I try to take time while I’m cooking to add lots of blessings to our food. Blessings of gratitude for an amazing bounty, blessings of nourishment and healing, and blessings of LOTS and LOTS of LOVE too. Again, communing with God.

Yes, I think of those blessings and meals as remembering… God, Jesus, all of creation really.

My mornings and afternoons sitting out in the sunshine or wind, or both, listening to the rustle of leaves, the chirp of birds, the movement of the world around me, feels like worship.

Roasting hot dogs in the fireplace laughing with family is communion to me. I know God is present enjoying this family time with us and for now… this works for me. It does feel weird sometimes to not be in the church building but I think time with friends and family is just as important.

But now, I’m off to make Minestrone and bread for dinner with a dear friend this evening. More time in communion! While loving on more of God’s children.

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