Getting my life back…

Y’all, I think I’m taking my life back… or maybe my life is taking me back… either way, I’m so glad.

I’ve been leaving my phone… like when I go upstairs or downstairs, I don’t even think about taking my phone! This is HUGE for me. I always have my phone near by in case someone needs me. You know in case one of the kids needs to talk to me, my mom, DH… What if they couldn’t get a hold me? But lately, I’ve not thought about grabbing my phone all the time. I’ve even left the house without it a few times! And you know what? I seldom miss anything and when I do it usually wasn’t important anyway!

Why have I been glued to my phone? It really started with DH’s deployments. I never wanted to miss a call. I would forward the home phone to my cell phone so I’d always be available. I hated missing his calls and would get really depressed when I did so for my mental wellbeing it worked for me.

But it continued… and really got worse… what if the kids needed me? Even after they grew up and moved away. What if there was an emergency? What if my mom needed me? There have been emergencies! And I was so glad I had my phone. It got me on the road home faster!

But I’ve often asked the question, “How did my parents live without cell phones? How were they able to let us go out without being able to reach us?” LOL. Really? As I’ve thought about this more and more, I’ve realized that I really don’t have to have it on my person at all times. I can put it in do not disturb mode when I need some quiet time. It’s okay and even very healthy to disconnect from it all for while. The world still turns, I miss very little, and if the family really needed me, there would be away.

So yeah… I’m disconnecting more. Leaving the phone on the table. If I hear great, if not, I’ll get to it eventually.

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