“The Morning Show”

So DH and I recently jumped on “The Morning Show” train. Wow. What a ride.

Last night we watched the last episode available (we didn’t know it was the last and we have no idea what we will be watching now!!). It’s the one where Alex Levy has Covid. As we watched and remembered what all this was like in the beginning, I paused the show, turned to DH and said…

“Covid was/is awful and it SHOULD have brought us all together. It should have brought families together as we worried over each other. It should have made us care more about our friends and neighbors. We should have been overflowing with love and compassion for one another. But… Instead, it tore families apart, it ruined friendships, it turned neighbors against each other. That’s not what should have happened.”

I think about how families come together, how they are drawn together in love when illness or death comes knocking… it’s a beautiful thing! But not with Covid… Why? Why is it so hard to have compassion for one another during this pandemic? Why was/is it so hard to show love and concern? What has happened to people?

I sat there watching the show thinking about how this was a time that we should have come together, that we should have shown love and compassion, that we should have come out on the other side of it closer but instead… we are still in it, still yelling at one another, still being hateful, still moving further and further apart. It really breaks my heart.

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