Sensory Overload

Sensory Overload … I think I have this sometimes and yesterday was one of those times. I often spend a lot time on the phone… I call my mom every morning and my daughter calls me every morning too. My husband will usually call once a day from work just to say hi and check in. DD usually calls again in the afternoon after one job ends on her way to the next. DIL usually calls once a week in the afternoon too. I have a couple of friends who call fairly regular or who I call regularly.

Yesterday, though a friend called right after my usual morning calls and we visited for over 3 hours! It was a nice conversation since we hadn’t talked since before the holidays but I was completely exhausted. As I was hanging up with her, DH called, then I had a 20 minute reprieve before another friend called and we visited for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then I had another 30 minute reprieve and then DD called for a just a few minutes because she could tell I was on overload.

I couldn’t watch TV, listen to music or a book, I couldn’t read. I just wanted to cry! Honestly, I just couldn’t take in anymore words. All I wanted was to soak in a bath… only the only bathroom with a tub is being remodeled so… no tub. I decided to just stand in the shower for a bit. SO NOT THE SAME!!! So I got out… tried some Qigong I just learned and then bundled up in a quilt and headed outside – without my phone.

I shared a while back about how nature heals, so I decided to take my own advice and get out there! It wasn’t too cold (it was, my love, the wind was biting)… I grabbed a quilt and wrapped it around myself and just sat out on the patio and listened to the wind blow, to trees rustle, the wind chimes sing, and a squirrel screech. It was peaceful.

At first the clouds were covering the sun but as I sat there with eyes closed suddenly the sun came out and lit up my world. It felt warm on my face was like a smile from heaven just for me.

Sometimes, in the last several years, I’ve found that there are too many words… Words on my phone, on the computer, on the TV, in conversations and I just need the silence. That was my yesterday but today is a new day. It started WAAAAYYYY too early… like 2am… but I’ll make time for a nap later (I hope) and I’ll take some quiet too so I’m ready for all the “conversating” 😁 that WILL happen today. And if it’s not TOOOOO cold maybe I’ll sit outside wrapped up in my quilt again and listen to wind and trees.

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