Healthy(ier) eating

I’m really trying to get my health going in the right direction again… one meal at a time. I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy. You know what is easy? Running down the street to Culver’s, or downtown for Mexican, or Italian… But… it’s easier on my pocketbook and my cholesterol if I cook at home more.

So my first meal (well the one I thought to take a photo of anyway) was breakfast. I’ve been gone a couple of weeks so the fridge was nearly empty… DH doesn’t like to go to the grocery store. LOL. But I scrounged around and found a semi-healthy meal.

I started with some Broccoli and a little bit of smoked sausage. Not traditional breakfast foods but they turned out yummy!

Then I added some scrambled eggs and a touch of cheese, plated it and added some salt and pepper and Voila! I don’t know if you can tell but there are multiple colors there! They say to eat the rainbow soooo… I have green, yellow, and um… red? LOL. Okay, I know it wasn’t a perfectly balanced meal but it was a start and it tasted great!

Since then I’ve cooked at home a lot. We’ve had Creamy Quail Stew, Italian Sausage sheet pan meal, Cheese tortellini with a homemade sauce, and tonight we are having chicken fajitas made by me!

I think eating at home and putting the leftovers aside for the next day’s lunch is working for us. Now to add in the treadmill! I’ve GOT THIS!

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