Lightning Strikes!

In my last two posts, I didn’t even mention the most exciting thing that happened to us during my writing break… While we were out of town, a tree in our backyard was struck by lightning!

When we got home and were unloading the car, I noticed that there was stuff on the floor and the pantry and cabinet doors were open. I didn’t at first think anything of it because DD had been over and she takes after me and sometimes leaves the cabinet doors open… but then I started noticing what was on the floor. A little sign I had hanging in the kitchen was on the floor, spices and jars and such were in the middle of the floor… Now I’m getting concerned and DH walked in and showed him… Then he started noticing things – painting off the wall on the floor. He then begins to clear the house worried some has been there.

My thoughts went straight to an earthquake. They aren’t unheard of here but don’t usually do all this… I called a friend and asked her and she said, she didn’t feel anything but she doesn’t live in our neighborhood. I started walking around as we talked and noticed more pictures that fallen off the walk and other things were on the floor… weird… So I went next door to check with the neighbor. He didn’t feel anything and nothing had happened at his house so… just weird.

While we were chatting in the front yard we saw a buzzard flying low between our yards and he commented that there must be something dead nearby.

When I got home DH was trying to figure out why our internet was out and was calling them. I looked out the window and saw the buzzard in the yard so I went to investigate…

I shooed the buzzard away and found a dead squirrel… but I also noticed that a little shepherd’s hook plant holder that I had near one of our trees was laying down and there was a huge hole and the cover to a utility box on the house was in the hole… Now, I’m like WHAT???? so I investigate and notice that it’s black where that utility box touches the ground and run in and tell my husband to hang up the phone (he was on hold) and come see. I think I know what the problem is… as we continue to look around the yard we see some holes in our siding… very random holes, and then as we turn around to look at the other tree in the yard we see it… It has been struck by lightning.

We called the insurance company and the internet peeps. Took a week to get the internet back up… that was awful!! We gave up cable a year ago and so no tv for us… We finally brought out the DVDs! lol But we didn’t think about that until the day before we got it back…

Though it’s been a bit of an inconvenience, I am so grateful that’s all it was… it could have been so much worse… the tree could have gone down and left a hole in our home, or it could have struck the house instead of the tree and burned it down so this is all minor and I am beyond grateful.

So needless to say… our travel adventure ended with a BANG!

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