Celebrating my main squeeze

Yesterday, I forgot to mention a very important something we did while I was not writing… We celebrated my DH and his BIG 5-0! We celebrated for a week. First with DS and DILove a week early since we were there. We surprised him with cake and ice cream. He was super surprised and that was so fun.

The night before his birthday, I sang to him as we were going to bed, “Happy night before your birthday to you…” It was cute and we giggled ourselves to sleep. On his big day he had phone calls galore, and we spent the day doing what he wanted to do… work in the yard. 😂 Well, I cleaned house and then we grilled out some yummy brats and had more ice cream! I shared the photos below on Instagram and someone commented on the 30% less sugar. 😂 I didn’t even notice that! I was just thinking it was our lactose free milk brand so hopefully it wouldn’t hurt our tummies too much.

Then when DD was able to come to we celebrated again with her and our dear friend/fake mom with Mexican food and more cake and ice cream! We had such a lovely time celebrating DH.

The painting was DD’s gift for him to put in his office at work. They are both such amazing artists!

Then it was a quiet 4th of July for us… we chose not to participate in the usual fanfare. We hung out together at home, DD dying costumes for an upcoming performance for her company, DH smoking some pork and me just loving spending time with them. Our fake mom came by for a bit and enjoyed our meal with us and we enjoyed time visiting.

We ended the evening with Secrets of Dumbledore as we FINALLY had internet again… that’s another post. And listened to all the illegal fireworks in our neighborhood for hours. It was a good day, different than usual but a good day.

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