Rediscovering the Public Library

Do you have a library card? Do you use it? I’ve been in a rut of either not reading at all or only buying books – either hardcopies or on my Kindle. I love books! Even when I’m not reading them. 😂

When we were homeschooling we went in phases.  Usually we used the library constantly.  It was usually a weekly outing.  We all loved reading so we’d get books for individuals but also read-alouds too.  It was so fun! But it would never fail that we’d start finding books that we’d fall in love with and would want to have them in our home library.

That often would lead us to just going to the bookstore to just buy books.  Again, I LOVE books!  My kids LOVE books!  I have TOO MANY books in my house and no where to put them!!  There are lots of stacks of books and boxes of books. On my nightstand… in the corners… in the basement… on bookcases… EVERYWHERE.

Since the kids have become adults and I started working, my reading changed and eventually kind of  stopped.  (Sad, very sad, I know) My library card even expired!  

I got a new one once and never used it so it expired too… This is such a sad tale!!

Anyway, DD started going to the library again and has been getting all kinds of fun books.  She lives in the city so her libraries are much more … hmmm… what’s the word… up to date, modernized.  They are amazing!  She’s been having fun and I wanted in on it, so I went this weekend and got myself a library card in my little town.  Not the same experience as hers, but fun none the less. 

The book I was looking for, wasn’t available at my library so I found two other books that I’m enjoying and put the book I wanted on hold from another branch and it will hopefully be here soon. 

But my library card did not have the intended effect… at least not so far… See, one of the books I checked out, well, I’ve fallen in love with it!!  I NEED this book in my life!!  I NEED it for my future grandkids!!   I will be buying it!

It is broken down into the months of the year and has stories and activities for that month.  I started with August and just fell in love!  The stories were cute. I could totally see myself reading them to my grandkids.  The activities FUN!  I don’t even need to wait for grandkids to do all of them!  Just grab DH or DD and get to it.

This month has Lammas in it… today actually.  It’s the first of the Harvest Festivals,  it’s the first sign of summer coming to an end, a reminder that autumn is on the horizon!  It doesn’t feel that way here yet with temps in the 90’s and above in many places in the US, but I like the reminder so… it said to celebrate by baking bread or making Corn dollies.  I chose to bake bread!  Well, Naan but same-same.

It was easy and delicious!  I made a yummy brunch for myself with it and I feel very satisfied.  

I love the idea of getting back to nature, of having adventures in/with nature!  

So… back to my original question… Do you have library card? If not, go get one! Fun is to be had at your local library!!

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