I have a request… a plea really

Have you been watching the January 6th hearings? I hope so. 

I truly believe it’s our duty as citizens to be watching and paying attention.

I know, some don’t think it’s real or that it’s all party specific but it’s NOT.  Those who are testifying are life long republicans.  They are people who were big supporters of Former President Trump and some still are!  They are people who trusted him and he trusted as well.

Many of us watched the insurrection unfold on TV on Jan. 6th, sitting in awe and disbelief that it was happening… here… in real life.  

I’ve had friends tell me it was just protest, it wasn’t even a riot…  Tell that to the families of the dead capital police.  Tell that to the capital police who have permanent injuries that have changed their lives forever.

Please take time to watch … armed civilians stormed our capitol on Jan. 6 believing that the then President sent them there. They believed he was going to be there with them.  The President sent them there over a lie, a really BIG LIE.  He knew there was NO election fraud and he continued to say the election was stolen.  His own people told him over and over that there was no fraud, but he continued to say there was.  This was all very intentional so that he could hold on to power.  This is all very frightening and is why it is so important for EVERY citizen to be watching and paying attention.  Again, those who are testifying are people who were in his inner circle, his friends, his supporters.  They have all been staunch republicans who all voted for him and supported him.

I’m not trying to convince you to believe anything, I am trying to get you to pay attention and watch these hearings for yourself.  If you haven’t and would like to see for yourself, you can just go to YouTube and type in Jan. 6 hearings. They are numbered 1-8. They are FREE, no subscription needed.  I don’t have cable anymore but I bet you can find them on demand with your cable company too. I found them on the Peacock app and on HULU also.

If you are a citizen of the United States of America, it is your DUTY to be informed.  Watch the hearings for yourself, don’t just watch random clips that different outlets share to twist things in their way, watch the hearings for yourself.  Be informed. PLEASE.

One thought on “I have a request… a plea really

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  1. Agreed, this is for the “do your own research” people to actually hear, watch or read these people’s own messages. Very eye opening.

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