What is wrong with people?

I just do not understand people… I try… I really do… But it was always my understanding that we want to leave this world a better place than it was when we got here. 

Am I wrong?

It was also my understanding that we want better for our kids than we had. That we want more success for them! We should want the next generation to have it better than we did!

I have to tell you, I am so tired of people saying, “I had to pay MY student loans!”  That’s reminiscent of the old, “I had to walk uphill both ways in the snow, barefoot to get to school.”  

Get a grip!

And then when they throw the Bible at me… UGH!!!!  Do NOT use the Bible, or Christianity to further your hate filled, jealousy filled, me, myself, and I attitude to further hold people down, to oppress, to marginalize people any more. 

I’m sick of it. 

What is wrong with people?  

I caught up with a friend in a parking lot the other day and he shared with me that his wife had passed away several years ago (we hadn’t seen each other in many years) and he said, “I wouldn’t wish this on even my worst enemy.”

I feel that way about many of the hard times in my life.  Any difficulties in my life, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  I hope for others in the world to have more good times than bad, more opportunities than not and so on.  That’s how we are supposed to be!  That’s Christian Faith!  But not anymore!  That’s why I identify as a Jesus follower now… because too many “Christians” are in name only and have forgotten what it means to live like Jesus and it’s sad really.

I remember when my husband was deployed (pick a time, it happened during EVERY SINGLE ONE), there was always some one there to tell me how easy I had it. I know it was harder during previous wars when we didn’t have the technology we have now but that doesn’t mean it was easy at all… went now have 24/7 news and get to see it all unfold on TV minute by minute… Our experiences were different and my DIL’s will be different from mine and you know what?  I hope hers is so much better than mine!! Easier! I do!!  

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have shared their experiences about their hardships with me, I’m just saying they shouldn’t have downplayed mine.  We can share and commiserate without trying to make it sound like one was worse than the other.  We can just be there for each other and offer support.

I’ve gotten off track but my point is that we should be happy for other’s good fortune, no matter how big or small and not try to hold the next generation back just because it’s “not fair” that they get something you/we didn’t.  

I shared the above TikTok on my Instagram yesterday, and this one person was all up in arms about how much it was costing and how “Generosity with OTHER peoples money is not Christian, it’s theft!” She’s speaking of using “her tax dollars” to help pay off student debt. But this really bothered me.  Earlier, she used part of a verse from Psalms to say it was wrong… “The wicked borrows but does not pay back.”  Like that was the whole verse and it said it all, but that period is actually a comma followed by “but the righteous is generous and gives.” See, context matters. The quote above from my friend about generosity was part of her response to my including the full verse in a reply. And this too was part of her response, “I am the one who gets to decide when and how I want to be a generous Christian with my money, not the government.” But once she gave it to the government, it’s not her’s anymore.  Jesus said, Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s!  That’s why we vote… and put those in office who we hope will do good things with our tax dollars… sometimes the people I vote for get elected, sometimes they don’t, but no matter who is in office I hope they help PEOPLE with our tax dollars, not Big Corporations with bailouts, not the Richest of the Rich with tax breaks but the average person in need, and this Student Debt Forgiveness is some help, some relief to some who need it.

Then my friend said she is worried that now colleges and universities will raise their tuition and make it harder for her children to get a college education… If that happens, shame on them!  THAT is theft!  Education shouldn’t cost what it is does and I think that is a little of the point with this whole issue…

Anyway… PEOPLE!  Be happy for another’s opportunity, for another’s blessing, for things being better for others than you had it.  To me, that’s the road to bringing God’s “Kin’dom” to earth. To me, that is our purpose! To me, that is part of the whole, “Love your neighbor as yourself” thing.  To me that’s what we are supposed to be doing… making the world a better place, making life better for others, leaving things better for the next generation.  Leaving this planet better off than when we inherited it!  Let’s let our generation help the next generation do that!!  I’m afraid it’s a little too late for my generation to leave it better, we’ve done so much damage, but our baby steps now, could help the next generation to make huge leaps! 

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  1. While I appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions…I think the government paying off the debt is the equivalent of shoplifting…you took something and didn’t pay for it. It’s not really about fairness, but about learning to value both money and education. As I think only about 35% of American end up graduating with a four year degree, we are paying for indecision. I think that’s a bad look.


    1. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions as well. I have no problem with different opinions… but I don’t think the government is fully paying off debt, they are helping to ease some of the burden. No one goes to college for $10k or $20k anymore. They are merely throwing a life line to those going under… and I have heard/seen so many people speaking about it being unfair because they didn’t get this! That’s just a selfish thought in my opinion, but I am really speaking to those who are using the Bible, quoting scripture to say this is evil, or wrong, those who use their “Christian Faith” as the reason to not help others. Those are who I was thinking of when I wrote this. I’m so tired of the misquoting scripture to make a point or taking it out of context, such as what my friend did that I spoke of in the post. Thanks again for sharing!

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      1. The problem is really that we put too much value on college. Most kids should not even go to college, or not go right after high school. We, as parents, push college, and we have to rethink why we do that. Now, I think if someone is in premed, or nursing, I think those loans should be paid off because we are not getting the best and brightest necessarily in those fields. But to subsidize someone spending six years in college because they fail or drop courses at zero hour? I just think that’s wrong. Pay for the engineer who is going to create artificial limbs. Rethink paying for the persons that don’t look at college as the gift that it is


      2. I agree about not everyone going to college. I wouldn’t trade my college education for anything, but I’ve not really ever used it. My son went college right after high school and it was great for him and he is very successful now. My daughter chose not to go to college and she is living her dreams and is also quite successful. My husband didn’t go to college until much later in life and it has made him even more successful but he wasn’t ready to go right after high school. I agree it is a very personal decision that no one has a right to push or judge. We were very fortunate that none of us incurred any college debt… we are forever grateful for that opportunity that was given us.

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  2. Really enjoyed reading your post and totally agree, people have done some awful things in the name of Christianity. I do believe “some” are waking up to the “true” teachings of Christ realizing what they’ve been told simply isn’t true. Many, many blessings to you.


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