Life in the… middle years… yeah, middle…

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Y’all… this menopause thing is NO JOKE!!! I’m dying here… between the constant depression, the night sweats, the “9 months pregnant” look when I’m eating all the healthy foods and moving my body, and the list goes on and on… I feel like throwing in the towel!!! I quit! I’m over this!

My first grand baby was born just over a week ago and I am over the moon in love and happy beyond belief! And yet… for about 3 days, I couldn’t quit crying! I could barely function! Making the bed was like asking me to climb Mount Everest!

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What is WRONG with me??? MENOPAUSE, that’s what! I’m pretty good with other people, and by other people, I mean anyone not my husband. I can sound happy, look happy when I need to, but when I’m alone or with my DH, I’m in tears… well, I was. I’m doing much better. I don’t think I’ve cried in 3 days! My poor DH, he’s been a trooper. He’s gone and picked up dinner when the idea of walking into the kitchen caused me severe anxiety… maybe three days in a row… or more…

I’m doing better this week. I really am, it’s Thursday… Wait! I’ve been doing really well since at least Monday and I think it might have been Sunday, oh, no, I remember there was a break down on Sunday… so anyway, it’s been FOUR days I last cried. That’s way better than three!

I’m just saying, Ladies, your moms weren’t kidding when they said the weight won’t come off after a certain age… I’m not saying you need to lose weight, I’m just saying to please learn to love yourself early, accept yourself as you are and have a good deal of love for yourself before you get here. I think that would have made this a little easier… Instead, I was always trying to fix myself, you know, this diet, or that, this exercise or that… trying to figure out why I wasn’t like everyone else, instead of embracing who I am and loving me for being me! DO IT EARLY!! Don’t wait till you’re… older… to do so… You are amazing and wonderful and beautiful just the way you are!

Now, back to that grand baby thing. He is perfect! So very precious and I can’t wait to meet him in person and love on him as much as his mommy and daddy will allow!! They send me daily photos and I always give a little squeal, or a little giggle, or a little awww, when I see his sweet little face. I’m so very fortunate! He is all of my gratitude. I couldn’t possibly love him more. ❤️❤️❤️

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