Distracting myself with Christmas Memories

Do you have people in your life, near or far, who just suck the joy out of you?  I don’t know if mine does it purposefully or not.  I like to think not but it’s been going on forever.  It’s not that they are mean spirited, I just don’t think they think.  Even in what seems to be and most likely is thoughtFULness, it’s still thoughtLESSness.  Sounds weird, I know, but it hurts and it has sucked the joy of the day from me.  I keep telling myself not to let someone else, who cares very little for me, ruin my day, or season, but it’s hard… I need a distraction so… here we go!

Remember yesterday when I talked about Christmas memories and I said that was another post… well, here it is! 

This made me remember my childhood and youth and Santa visiting us at church.  This usually happened on the evening of the children’s Christmas program.  After the program, we would move to the sanctuary or fellowship hall and my mom would lead us all in singing, “Here Comes Santa Claus” and all the kids would be looking around expectantly for the Big Guy to come walking in and it was all so exciting!  We would line up to sit on Santa’s lap for the photo and then we’d get to tell him our Christmas list and then he would hand us a little bag with an apple, an orange, a big fat candy cane, and maybe another piece of candy or two and we were always excited to get it.  

This is a little different than we received. Ours had the big, thick, straight candy cane.

I was talking about maybe giving fruit baskets for gifts so I’ll stop eating all the sweet treats myself!  

I wonder what my neighbors would think today if that’s what we gave them Christmas?  LOL Much healthier! But I’d miss making the candy, I just need to learn to eat a small sample and that be it!  

I’d love to hear your Christmas memories, or any holiday memories!  Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever you celebrate, I’d love to hear your memories!  Share in the comments, PLEASE!! 

(It’ll help take my mind off the joyless thoughts. 😊) 

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