Merry Christmas Eve Musings

It’s Christmas Eve.  The dog got me up extra early this morning. So I turned on the tree, made a cup of tea, and grabbed a book I’ve been wanting to read for years.  DD has been trying to get me to read ever since she read it!

I LOVE books.  I used to read non-stop.  I spent all my time and money in B.Dalton Books and Walden Books in high school and college.  Reading was my favorite pastime. 

When we lived in South Korea, I spent most of my time in the library on post.  I read a book about every day or two.  

Then life got busy with kids and I maybe read a 2 or 3 books a year!  But then DH started deploying and books became my escape!  I was back to a book or two or more a week.  

I’d go in spurts after that… often just reading with kids for school, or finding a series we all love and passing it around.  Then I somehow started reading lots of non-fiction books, then books for church and then not at all!

Then a few years ago, during the pandemic, a friend got me reading again and I was going through them in about a week, but then once again, I slowed down..

I started listening to books on audible while I was in the car driving to see DS and his family or my mom.  Oh, how I enjoy that!

DS and DIL moved to this quaint little town in North Carolina and we love exploring their little downtown area but my favorite store is the Bookstore.  I have to go in there every time I visit.  I insisted DD go when she went out there the first time and she too fell in love!  This bookstore has ruined all other bookstores for us!  That’s a quote from DD.

I’ve wanted to open a bookstore since… well, since FOREVER and this little store was just how I imagined my store would be.  DD now wants to open that bookstore too and we have such a cute little downtown area here that needs a nice, clean bookstore.

We decided yesterday that if we are going to open one though, we’ve got to get to reading more again!  (DD is a reader too, honestly we all are!). So, she pulled a book off the shelf yesterday and started back on her reading and this morning, I decided I needed to do the same.  I had brought a book home from her house two weeks ago that I’ve been wanting to read for several years now and still hadn’t started so… that’s what I’m reading and I’m loving it!

It made for such a lovely Christmas Eve morning!  I’ve laughed and smiled and it’s just been lovely…

Now we are getting ready to head to church so… until next time… Merry Christmas Eve! May it be merry and bright. 

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