A Vicious Cycle…

Any worriers out there?  What about stewers? I’m both. I worry about the unknown and I stew over it. Like REALLY stew… I worry and stew and when there is some unknown something going on, I worry myself sick.  When waiting on news or information, I say everything is going to be fine and then internally I go through every worse case scenario my brain can come up with… and let me tell you, my brain can come up with some doozies. 

Why does my brain do this to me?  

And then… to make matters worse, I’m an emotional eater!  So when I worry, yep, I eat… and that only causes more worry. Eventually, I become paralyzed and then it all starts over.

What a vicious cycle I live in…  A cycle I have got to break and keep broken for my health, both physical and mental.

This morning I decided to work on that and got up and did my yoga again… yeah… I have a  sporadic yoga practice … if you can even call it a practice… lol. I go in spurts but I figure spurts of yoga are better than none. 

I am a constant work in progress. I mean, aren’t we all? My whole life goes in spurts… I meditate in spurts, I do yoga in spurts, I walk in spurts, I practice healthy eating in spurts, I write in spurts, I sleep in spurts… I’m not very good at maintaining any particular practice.

I need to fix this because when I do all those spurts, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!  So why don’t I just do them all the time?  It only takes one missed morning yoga, or meditation, or walk or one big splurge to set me back to the beginning of doing nothing.

I think I need a schedule but honestly, I just ignore it when I’m not feeling it.  That’s my problem… the “not feeling it” can be a real problem…

Anyone else have this problem?  What do you do to overcome it?  And please don’t say, “Just do it” because that obviously doesn’t work for me.  I just don’t have that “Just do it” in me.  Lol 

Anyway, I’ve gotten a little off topic, this was going to be a post about worrying because I’m in a state of worry right now.  And don’t tell me to “let go and let God” because that’s just a dumb phrase, one that is made to make people feel like their faith isn’t strong enough and that’s just not true.

ANYWAY… today, I guess I’ll just try to distract myself… maybe I’ll pull out the watercolors, or organize another cabinet… I did the pantry and under the sink yesterday… evidently, the dog wants me to organize his treat basket because he pulled everything that was in it out yesterday trying to get to his treats… 😂 😂 

So…here’s to a day of distractions! Or a week… my information may take a while to get here… 

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

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