Life is Good

Y’all, I had the best day yesterday!  I didn’t get to everything on my list but that’s okay.  I still got a lot done.

I made a delicious lunch for myself with leftovers for today’s lunch too!  I found the recipe at The Mediterranean Dish.  I’ve been wanting to make it for a while now but kept chickening out.  Lol  I’m not a big fan of beans or tomatoes and this has both but y’all!  I made it and can’t wait to eat it again today!! I linked the recipe above but I did, of course, make a few tweaks. First I halved the recipe since it was just for me.  I cut up my cherry tomatoes a little smaller, hoping it would trick me and it worked because I wished I had put in a few more!!  And then I didn’t have any Aleppo pepper, so I googled what I could use instead and it said paprika and cayenne … I thought I had ruined it because the cayenne came out much faster than I meant for it too but it was perfect!  I also burned my garlic, which I also thought would ruin it but it didn’t, just gave it a darker color.  I also almost burned my bread… I had a few distractions.  Anyway, TRY THIS RECIPE!!!  It’s amazing!!

After lunch, Sidney (the dog) and I went for a nice walk.  It was beautiful outside!  We found a new to us walking path and had a lovely time.  We will definitely be going out there again!  Maybe even today.  The photo below was just a tiny part of the walk but was pretty so I took a photo.

When we got home, I took a break with a big glass of water!  AND DH came home early and we enjoyed a nice visit.  The rest of the day was nice and slow.  

I love slow.  I think we, as a society, spend way too much time rushing and it’s not good for our health.  Of course sometimes I’m a little too slow and that’s not good for my health either but I definitely think slowing down is good.  Getting outside is good for us too.  

I’m working on a plan to get DH and I out more.  I want us to try to have an adventure several times a month, if not every weekend.  Going out to explore someplace new.  Maybe we can even pack a picnic!  Oh, that sounds exciting to me.

I’m really trying to eat out less, to just spend less in general but especially on eating out, so yeah, a picnic sounds perfect.  I’ll have to find some yummy healthy picnic ideas for us.

Last night we had the most amazing home cooked dinner.  Grilled Tilapia with Lemon Pasta and asparagus .  It. Was. Wonderful.   I’m not kidding!  The tilapia recipe came from Princess Pinky Girl.  I was skeptical but DH took one bite and said, “Oh my!  That’s really good!”  This recipe I followed exactly and DH grilled it and the asparagus for us.  I just seasoned the asparagus with olive oil and salt and pepper.  YUM!  Then the pasta… I saw CucinaByElena making this on Instagram and had to try it.  It was delicious. I followed this recipe as written and it turned out so yummy.  Well, except for the pasta.  I used a wider noodle than the spaghetti she used because it’s what I had.

As we were cleaning up, DH pointed at the recipe and said, “It’s a keeper!”  Those are the best meals.  The ones that DH loves.

Recently, I don’t remember what we were talking about… the kids, the kitchen… I don’t know but DH remarked that cooking or feeding my family and friends is my love language and you know, it really is.    Even if it’s just frozen burgers on the grill, or simple tacos, feeding my family brings me joy.

I love when I go to my son’s, and my daughter-in-love asks me to cook something… my biscuits and gravy, or to help her as she cooks. The other day she told me she is going to need me to teach her how to cook all my fun breakfasts and I squealed with delight! Then last night she told me about a recipe my son was requesting and she asked if I knew what he was talking about and I laughed with pure joy!  He remembered something I think I’ve only ever made but a few times and he wanted it.  Be still my heart!  I think these two conversations may have made my whole year!!  The joy I felt was, well, intense.  Being in the kitchen is my favorite.  When I say I need to clean the house, usually the only room that gets clean IS the kitchen!  

In trying to help DH slow down, this week (I know, it’s only Tuesday) I’ve been making him stay home to eat breakfast.  He usually asks me to make it to go but this week, I’ve told him he’s eating at home.  I’m also trying to add some veggies to our meals more often, so I asked if he wanted anything with his scramble and he said no.  Then I saw the mushrooms in the frig and he said, “Fine… I need to eat more veggies.” So I made us both scrambled eggs with mushroom, sausage and cheese.  I put mine over a bed of arugula and topped it with a some veggie laden hot sauce and … Oh my… what a way to start my morning!  It was wonderful!  DH commented on how good it looked but that he wasn’t going to do that.  Just the scramble with a little Cholula  please.  Lol Baby steps. 

Slowing down, cooking more and together, moving my body more in ways that are fun to me, not just for exercise, writing more, crocheting more, loving more… these are my goals for the year… my life… but I should just start with the new month of March that is quickly approaching.  Lol

We will see… wish me luck!

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