Monday Ramblings

Today, I’ve been working on our income taxes… I’m usually done way before now but honestly, I completely forgot about it! Not good.

Anyway, I finally got it all together and started working on it and came to the part that asks, “What does Sherri do for a living?”  For a while there I got to put a REAL job down!  I was a  Certified Lay Minister!  But now, I’m back to Homemaker.  Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that is a real job.  It’s not easy and it is work but I don’t get a paycheck for it.

Anyway, it got me thinking about what a homemaker is and about how I’m not really all that great at it.  Lol

I can be honest and say that I’m a mediocre homemaker.  Some days, I really get at it!  I cook, I clean, I organize… and other days, I blog, and play with the dog, and honestly, some days I just sit.  So yeah, I’m not really a very good homemaker.

But then I got to thinking about what it really means to BE a homemaker. defines it as – a person who manages the household of their own family, especially as a principal occupation.

Okay, well by that standard, I do a great job!  I do manage the household for my family.  I keep the refrigerator full, I keep things mostly tidy, I make sure the bills are paid and taxes done (😉 ).  I wonder what else I thought being a homemaker entailed?

I guess I just thought if you are a homemaker, your home is always perfect.  I get when you have kids it not being perfect but when it’s just two adults and a dog… it seems like it should always be perfect and my home is seldom ever perfect… maybe never.

So again, what does it mean to be a homemaker?  I think in my younger days, I thought it was cooking from scratch to save money… that’s okay by me most days because I love to cook but it doesn’t have to be!

I have no idea where this is going ,but sometimes I wish it was a little more, well at least for me… maybe that’s what I want in homesteading… more… growing a garden, have raising chickens, making more things myself – crocheting or sewing, preserving… 

I don’t know where I get these ideas… but they seem important to me even though I don’t always get to them all very often.  Maybe it’s a way I make myself feel like a failure, or I’m not good enough.  Maybe it’s a way to punish myself?  Weird but… I think of homemaking as some many things I don’t do so…

Anyway, I feel like today I’ve been succeeding.  I’ve started the grocery list, I’ve worked on the taxes, I washed the sheets and made the be, I did a little tidying.  I made DH’s lunch and so on.  Yeah, I feel like I’m succeeding.  Now I’m off to finish up some booties for DGS (darling grandson).  I’ve only been working on them for over a month now… Time to get them done and in the mail before he outgrows them!!

I hope you are having a successful day today.  If you don’t think you are, well, you’re probably wrong.  I bet you’ve succeeded at getting out of bed and in my book, that’s SUCCESS!!  And if not, well, I’m sending you hugs and love.


Here’s a little Sidney joy! He had been playing and then… I looked over and I guess he needed a break. 😂

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