I just can’t believe it…

So, it’s has been crazy around here!  We’ve been thinking about moving to a new house for a while now.  As crazy as it seems, we’ve kind of out grown this one… even though it’s just the two of us most of the time.

So, we started looking and found a realtor (She’s the BEST!) and we found a house!  I can’t believe it.  I don’t think I expected it to happen at all, let alone in a month…  

So now, I am franticly decluttering, going through things, and PACKING!!  

It’s emotionally draining.  We’ve been in this house for 13 years… the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my life and there are so many memories here… it’s hard to let go.

Yesterday… well, I may have cried most of it…. BIG tears, BIG sobs, the kind that makes you huffy… I never really thought we’d move.  In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m remembering saying that I didn’t want to move after the kids moved away because I wanted them to always feel like they were coming home when they visited…

I will do everything I can in the new house to make it feel like home to them again.

So anyway, I’m excited and scared and sad all at once!!  Moving day is coming and I have a trip planned right smack dab in the middle of it and right after it… 


No, really it will be, but I won’t be here blogging too often as I’ll be busy packing for awhile.  So…

Until next time… ♥️ 

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