Zig Zaging My Way to a Healthier Me

20190425_081337Here I am, out for my morning walk.  I’ve been really trying to get myself moving in the mornings with a short 10 to 15-minute walk.  I go for a longer one with DH later in the day, but I think it’s a great way to start my day.

We are really working at getting healthier.  

We are what we call, “Zig-Zagging”.  We read about it when we were getting ready for DS and DIL’s wedding almost 3 years ago. (Where does the time go??)  DD was taking a nutrition class and they told them about the website Freedieting.com

They have several plans to choose from but we were intrigued by the Zig Zag.  It’s where we watch our calories.  We have a couple of high-calorie days and the rest are lower calorie days.  Not too low, of course. For us, our high-calorie days are Wednesday and Saturday.

We enjoy a challenge.

So far it’s going well.  We actually enjoy the challenge of making our calories work for us and also using our exercise to make them work even better!  It’s getting us moving so that we can have what we want to eat.  I usually end up with calories left over!  Even after eating pasta!  I call that Win!

We are jump starting with “Extreme Fat Loss” for the first week or two but we’ll move more to the “Fat Loss” program after that.  I just thought a nice jumpstart might motivate us as we see the scale move and it’s been moving!  More for DH, of course, I hate men.  LOL  It’s just not fair how fast they can lose it!  But it’s moving for me too.


I’m feeling better, sleeping better, and I bet our budget is pretty happy too as we are eating at home way more!  More WINS if you ask me!

Spring is always when I get motivated to do this.  I hope this time, it sticks better and I keep it up!  A healthier lifestyle is what I’m aiming for in this life.

How about you?  What did you do today for your health?

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