Support is Everything!

20190417_185701-collageI have the best DH ever.  He is amazing and takes such good care me.  We recently found out there were mice in my office at one of my little churches and I was totally freaked out.  Yes, I’m quite the baby.  Anyway, it appeared they had moved into the couch in there.  So some of my amazing parishioners came and removed the couch and then DH and I went and CLEANED my office.  He vacuumed and scrubbed and I scrubbed, and we both scrubbed some more.  I just felt like everything was so dirty from those little rodents crawling all over everything.

We had to wait until after DH got off work to get up there so we knew we were going to be eating out so I started planning accordingly with our lunches.  Worked to keep them relatively low and then after all the cleaning we headed to Chick-fil-a.  Our lovely counters registered our activity while we were cleaning so… after our meal, we still had room for a little IceDream cone.  YAY!!  So I treated DH to a cone to say thank you, THANK YOU!!

I love this way of getting healthy.  No deprivation.  Don’t get me wrong we aren’t just eating junk, we are working on health so lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, fish and low-fat cuts of meat.  It’s nice, though, to be able to treat ourselves every now and again and not feel guilty in the morning because the scale still moved in the right direction!

We even went for a walk when we got home and so we had calories left over!  We are doing great with our ZigZagging.  We just had a quick pow-wow for our meals today.  Wescreenshot_20190426-200423_mapmywalk_301177656787488
are going to dinner with friends and so we went ahead and entered our dinner calories so we’d know what we should eat for breakfast and how much we need to walk later.  LOL

We are really into the walking right now and LOVING IT!  Last night we walked just over 3 miles!  We just kept going.  We took a new route and it was beautiful and fun!  We did stairs, we did hills, we laughed, and just had a great time.

I’ll tell you support is everything.  Doing this with DH is what’s making it work.  We love exercising together and challenging each other to figure out how to make things work.  We’ve got this!  I’m already down several pounds and so is he.

Support is everything.  I know I keep saying that but it’s true, and not just in our diet and exercise but in all of life.  I love that I have someone (more than one) that is there to support in the good, the hard, the sad, the hard.  Whether it’s work, family, friends, home, to have a good core of support makes all the difference.  I love my core!

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