Wonderful Wednesday

Count Your BlessingsI missed my Wonderful Wednesday post last week.  I’m not sure how that happened but it did.  I do not want to miss it again.  I think remembering the wonderful things in my life is good for me!   So here we go.

  • Last weekend, DH and I had some amazing quality time as emptynesters.  We went out for dinner one night and it was just lovely.  We walked around a little outdoor mall and shopped a bit and just enjoyed the beautiful weather we were having.  DH even took me out for frozen custard afterwards!
  • AND we stayed on our eating plan.  Yay us!  We are still hard at work zigzagging but it’s not really all that hard.  We just make sure we get in plenty of walking so that we are burning off what we eat.  We’re not losing tons yet but slow and steady wins the race right?
  • On Monday, I met a new friend!  She is a lovely person.  We are both working on this writing and speaking thing so it was wonderful to get together and offer support to one another.

I could go on an on but I don’t want to bore you.  It just has really been a wonderful life lately… for the most part.  I still have down days, I still struggle with what I’m doing with my life, I still miss my kids immensely but taking time to remember the wonderful moments really does help.  I even come back and re-read them when necessary to remind myself I really do have a wonderful life.

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