Mother’s Day Blessings

My mother’s day started on Saturday.  My babies were both at their homes so it was just me and DH, but on Saturday I received a floral delivery from DS.


Aren’t they just beautiful?! and that vase!  I was just hoping for a card so this was an amazing surprise.  I may have even teared up a bit.

My gift from DD arrived earlier in the week but I waited to open it till Sunday.


Yeah, this one may have caused me to tear up a bit too. She knows I love to write so she got me this journal to start recording the story of my life so that maybe it’ll get me writing that book I’ve always wanted to write.

Both such sweet and thoughtful gifts. I have the best kids.  You may think yours are, but I hate to break it to you… they aren’t.  Mine are definitely the best out there.  😊

We went to church and then dinner.  It was a lovely day of talking with DD, my mom (of course) and eventually DS too.

My kids showed me up in the Mother’s Day gift department.  I got my mom a beautiful card.  I’ll have to step up my game!  I did try to share on Facebook throughout the week, what a wonderful mother I have.

I even shared JJ Heller’s new song, A Mother Like You.  JJ Heller just speaks my heart.  So often her songs speak what I can’t find the words to say.  She is amazing.  If you haven’t heard of her, look her up!  Here’s the video from her new release “A Mother Like You” that I shared for my mom on Facebook.

It makes me tear up every time!!  I think of my mom, I think of my kids and my future grandkids…  Yeah, I become a total mess!

Anyway, DH and I just hung out for most of the day and then eventually we went out for ice cream.


Yesterday was also my Daddy’s birthday.  He passed away almost 5 years ago and it would have been his 80th, so we went to get ice cream.  He was always taking us for ice cream for all celebrations… birthdays, recitals, performances, good grades, just being in the same place at the same time.  Whatever excuse we could use, he’d take us all for ice cream.  We added in the french fries because, well, I love to dip them in my ice cream.  YUM!!

I miss my daddy so much!  I know my mom misses him terribly and yesterday was a harder day than usual as she thought about all their birthday celebrations together.  Several of them were spent with us! With ice cream cakes, sundaes, smore’s and so much more.  My sister and her kids and my mom went out for ice cream last night too so we all celebrated together… apart.

I hope your Mother’s Day was a nice as mine.


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