Wonderful Wednesday

Count Your Blessings

I’ve been looking forward to this post this week.  It’s nice to take the time and notice things in my life that I often take for granted. It lifts my spirits, puts things into perspective, and well, it’s just plain good for me.

  1. My walks – I have so been enjoying them.  They are getting longer and longer and I love every minute of them.
  2. Pretty Days – and not too hot or cold weather that allows me to enjoy this time out doors.
  3. St. Mary’s – what a beautiful campus to get to walk around!  It’s just gorgeous and has some shade to walk in too.
  4. Allergy meds – though I hate that I have to take them, and they don’t stop my itchy eyes, they definitely make it better than it would be without them! I do have eye drops and they do soothe for a few moments but that’s it.  They really help all that much.
  5. My walking companions!  DH walks with me in the evenings and my mom chats with me on the phone in the mornings during my walks and it really helps keep me going.

So much for which to be grateful today. What about you?  Share your wonderful Wednesday blessings in the comments or share a link to your blog where you shared them.  I’d love to read your blessings too!

A few photos from this morning’s walk.

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    1. You know, I’ve never actually watched it. I did see that last night, I think, was the series finale. I hope it was good for all it’s fans! Maybe I’ll put it on my list to watch.

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