Terrible Ts – Travel Troubles

I haven’t been on an airplane in 10 years. I’m not much for flying.

We usually travel places that we can easily get to by car, but this time we are going quite a ways and it’s very important we arrive in a timely manner.

We are traveling for my husband’s graduation with his master’s from Norwich.

The night before we were to leave, we were notified of our first flight being delayed two hours. Well, that made us miss our second flight so DH called and got it all rearranged. We we’re going to be late for registration but that was ok. Then the morning we were to leave, DH pulled up our flight info as we were preparing to leave and discovered that it had been cancelled and they rebooked us for the next day! What a nightmare!

It was making him miss part of his lectures and barely have him making his honor ceremonies.

He went round and round with the airline and finally they put us on another airline.

He’s still going to be late for registration and will miss the welcome address but he will make all his lectures and ceremonies.

You wouldn’t believe some of the stupid suggestions the airline had for us…

Drive 190 miles to another airport and we can get you there but your return flight will be the same. What about our car that is now 190 miles away from our return flight? Not our problem…

This was how it went for over an hour before they put us on the another airline.

All I can say is that I still prefer to drive when we can. No hassles with cancelled or delayed flights and I can pack my car with every thing I could ever possibly need!

Yes, I’m an over packer… I like little bags… One for tolietries, one for shoes, one for yarn, one for my computer and journals and books. I could gobon but I think you get the jist. This of course is in addition to my suitcase.

Not this time of course… One bag and my purse. DH has a backpack for the computer and journals and book. He’s awesome like that… But no yarn, and I just have to make due with all else. It can be done! I’m so excited for him! I’d do anything to make it all work. He’s worked so hard for all this. I pretty proud of him. 😁

Stay tuned for adventures in traveling with the not-so-Simple Sherri-traveler.

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  1. We live in CA. One time we wanted to fly to Denver. The airline cancelled our flight. They wanted to put us on a plane (the next day!) that flew to Minnesota, and from there we were supposed to transfer to another flight that would get us to Denver. I wonder if these airline folks know how to read maps? We eventually got on another flight and arrived late, but at least on the same day, in Denver.

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