Terrible T’s – Part Two

So, let’s just start where we left off…


With all the flight changes we had to cancel the pick-up service we had planned to get us to the airport.  We barely made the cancellation because of how late we found out our flight was canceled.  So… we drove ourselves and left the car in longterm parking.

And then we were finally on our way.  When we got to the airport, they announced that our flight was overbooked by two… I wonder who those two were?? 😏 Could it be anyone we know?

Lucky for us, DH is a savvy traveler and quickly got online after getting things arranged with the first airline and secured our seats immediately, paying a bit extra to get the seats but what smart guy!  Anyway, they were begging people to give up their seats.  The first announcement said they would give a $250 voucher, about 15 minutes later it was up to $300 and by the last announcement, it was $400.  I guess someone took them up on it because there were no more announcements after that… except that there wasn’t enough space in the overhead bins so people needed to check their bags. We didn’t have but small carry-ons so we were good. We left a little late…


When we arrived at our first stop we had 30 minutes to get to our next gate.  It was rough.  Plus it was supper time and we needed to get something to eat.  So we rushed… RUSHED! and went to the shortest line, grabbed hotdogs, rushed to the gate and practically swallowed them whole and then… they made the announcement that this flight too would be delayed.  LOL  I’m seeing a theme…

We had a lovely flight.  The sky was beautiful.  We both had good books to read and the plane itself was loud enough we couldn’t hear the baby crying or much of anything else.

Then we arrived at our final destination… about 11pm.  If our original flight hadn’t been canceled, we would have arrived at 2pm and DH would have been able to get registered and enjoy the social event planned but instead, he waited in line at the rental car counter for 30 minutes… needlessly… see it was an Avis/Budget counter.  Avis’s systems were down.  There were two people in front of DH and he was just trying to be patient (while calling all the other rental car agencies).  Finally, the man behind the counter asked if he was Avis or Budget (we were Budget, fully paid for already) and then said, “Oh!  I can help you!  Come over here!”  Grrrr…  So we finally get the car.  I had picked up the luggage and we were on our way!


Now, it’s dark, our hotel is another 30 minutes away, we’ve never been here and there are police out everywhere!  Oh and did I mention that the lights on the dash and the screen in the dash were so bright, they were blinding?  They made it so hard to see.  I finally got them turned down enough DH could see but then…  Google Maps took us on a wild goose chase.  It was crazy!  We ended up on a dirt road and then in some apartments…

A little after midnight we finally arrived at the hotel, only they are totally booked and they said, “well, take any parking space you can find, handicap or whatever.  It doesn’t matter, we are full up and I don’t know what’s out there.”  😳  We did park a little to the back of the lot but we found a place easily.

This is all just trying to get there!!  Honestly, it’s been fun, frustrating, but fun.  We’ve laughed and laughed.  DH said, “You know, I travel all the time and never have I had these kinds of issues… I’m beginning to wonder if it’s you!”  LOL  Like I said, we’ve made the best of it and know it really could have been so very much worse.  It’s been fun!

Now, wait till you hear about my exploring adventures the first day!  I’m not really much for exploring alone.  I need plans, I need a partner!  I’m a complete scaredy cat…  this could be fun?  We’ll see…

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  1. Wow – that’s quite the travel adventure! I love to fly, but driving gives us so much more control in the situations, so I prefer that as well. Congrats on finding your way to the hotel in the dark! Hope your next day adventures went well!

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